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Friday, June 22, 2012

My Kids

No one could deny they are siblings!

The above photos are from their 2012 school photos. Apparently, C wasn't so into picture day, and J just wanted to nap. 

Also trending:
  • C telling us to go away or just go somewhere else. It usually comes in the form of "mommy back" or "mommy gate" (i.e., go to the other side of the baby gate) or "mommy couch" (i.e., go sit on the couch that is far away from me)
  • C kissing anything and everything. The latest object of his affection? Chewbacca from his Star Wars ABCs book.
  • C learning to dress himself, which usually means 5 minutes of him running around in his diaper while we struggle to get his shirt over his oversized head.
  • J sitting up. Well, sitting up for 10 seconds and then slowly listing one direction or the other. She's getting there though.
  • J adoring her brother. The girl can't stop smiling whenever C walks into the room. I am sure this will end when they start sharing toys.
OK, I know only friends and family read my blog, but I am trying to avoid using my kids' full names. Is that just irrational paranoia? Does posting their pictures just cancel it out? Is "irrational paranoia" redundant? Thoughts?


  1. I think using C and J are just fine!

  2. I think you're being rationally paranoid, and I'm pretty sure that's not an oxymoronic phrase. No one needs to know Chip and Judy's full names! (Oops, did I blow their cover? Sorry . . . )