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Thursday, November 8, 2012


I am not a political person. I am ashamed to admit that I rarely read up on the issues, and filling out my ballot in Oregon was a labor-intensive task; I'm still not sure I voted the "right way" on some initiatives. But I do know a few things about our president that guaranteed my vote was going his way:

My sis (right) and her wife holding my daughter
In the next four years, I can be comfortable knowing we are only moving closer to my sister's marriage to be recognized in the same way mine is. I know few couples, gay or straight, whose love is as strong as that of my sister and her wife. And as I await the arrival of my new niece or nephew (any day now!), I also can't think of two people more suited for parenthood.

I also know that my right to choose will be protected for another four years. My children are my life, my world, and terminating a pregnancy is not something I would ever consider at this point in my life. But that is my choice, just as it should be another woman's choice to end a pregnancy because of rape or other factors that I know nothing about. It's not my business, and it shouldn't be the government's, either.

I am not sure Obama can turn our economy and healthcare around in the next four years, and I really hope he can, but at least I know we aren't moving backwards.